From the Throne

As I sit here and contemplate what has been going on in the industry and here at Ross’s Plumbing – time to put pen to paper. The throne blog will be updated regularly with both industry information and what’s been going on at Ross’s Plumbing.

There has been a lot of movement in the industry for the public to ask for licenses of tradespeople working on private properties. With having a current license this gives the customer surety that the person carrying the work is qualified to do so. This also means electricians, builders etc. not just plumbers. It also means when you ring a tradesperson for your work you should clarify at that time they are registered.

At the beginning of the month Paddy joined our team. Paddy is a certifying drain layer and has a vast experience of drain laying, both new and existing, repairing broken drains and drain unblocking over the greater Auckland area. This now enables us to offer you full services of gas fitting, plumbing and drainage. While we are based in South Auckland we cover a good range of areas.

Speaking of sitting on the throne – is your own throne costing you money in water wastage? On average a toilet uses a 25% of a daily household water use. A leaking toilet can waste up to 25 litres per day just running into the bowl (and more if a major leak) because of the constant use of the valves in the cistern, the sealing components wear out.

Most cisterns have the overflow built into the flushing valve inside the tank, and a common complaint is that the cistern fills by itself in the middle of the night. This would indicate a leaking outlet washer. A quick simple test is to place a square of toilet paper on the inside of the pan at the back. If the valve is leaking, this would show wetness flowing down the paper.

Another annoying source of noise in the middle of the night is the faint hissing sound. It disturbs sleep and is frustrating as it is not heard to the same degree during the day. This is normally the inlet valve leaking, and constantly filling the cistern.

Both of these problems are easily remedied, and one call to Ross’s Plumbing can repair these for you.

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