Gas Heating

Imagine being able to keep your entire home warm throughout the winter months, at your own desired temperature and without breaking the bank. Ross’s Plumbing has a selection of gas heating solutions enabling you to enjoy warmth in every room.

This is a highly efficient heating solution that puts you in complete control and is a flexible alternative to enjoying warm rooms whenever you want.

What is Gas Heating?

This type of heating is a cost effective opportunity to warm your home during the winter months. Gas heating has less greenhouse gases than any other heating system and it offers instant heat.

Other advantages to this type of heating is that you won’t suffer with dry eyes and you have the ability to choose the temperature setting that suits you and your family.

How Does it Work?

Ducted gas heating requires you have a heater, ducts which are mounted in the ceiling or floor, vents and a thermostat. The air is taken from within the home and passes over the heat exchange, which warms the air. The air is then pushed through the ducts and out through the vents into the rooms of your choice.

The thermostat is often mounted in the living room where you have complete control in choosing the right temperature for inside your home. The system will then maintain that temperature offering constant heat throughout the day and night.

Five Star Systems

The five star systems are non-condensing systems which have a smaller heating cabinet and are easy and affordable to install. The advantage to these heating systems from Ross’s Plumbing is that they don’t need a drain and are easy and affordable to install.

Six Star Systems

The five star systems available from Ross’s Plumbing are highly efficient, helping you save between ten and fifteen percent in energy savings. The systems are easy and affordable to install, offering a great heating solution throughout the Auckland area.


Ross’s Plumbing has extensive experience with gas heating solutions in the Auckland area. With a professional and knowledgeable team, you can enjoy peace of mind that this plumbing company can offer you an affordable heating solution that can help you save money in the long run.

Our team can make suggestions on which heating solution is right for you, help you save money on your utility bills and complete the installation for you. Ross’s Plumbing also offer repairs and maintenance for all gas heating systems with an afterhours service available, so you never need to be in the cold again.

Changing your heating solution to gas can be one of the most cost effective decisions you ever make, putting you in complete control of how warm you want your home this winter.