Many are looking to increase their household energy efficiency and change to gas.

We can assist you with those changes.

Changing from electric to gas cooking?

We can liaise with an electrician and have your new cooking appliances installed when they arrive. If your not sure what’s required, give us a call and Ross will come and have a chat with you and provide a free estimate.

Changing from electric hot water to gas? Continuous flow or storage water heater? How do you choose?

Continuous flow water heaters simply ignite when you turn the tap on and hot water is delivered immediate at the temperature set. No need for a “hot water cupboard” freeing up space in the house. The compact unit can sit discreetly on the outside of your house.

Water storage heaters are similar to electric cylinders except they are never compromised if there is a power cut and ideal for large family using a lot of water at the same time

New Gas installations

We are conversant with the regulatory requirements for gas installations and especially when using gas bottles instead of mains gas. Ross can discuss with you the options you are looking at to understand if they fit the NZ standards and if not advise what needs to actioned to comply.

Repairs and maintenance

We also look after repairs and maintenance on gas mains, heaters, hot water cylinders and conversion kits.

Gas heating

We can install gas heating appliances either by direct gas or by bottles, install bayonet fittings for your gas heating and provide maintenance on gas heating appliances.

All our gas workmanship is covered by our guarantee and Ross is a certifying Gas Fitter and we can provide the necessary certifications when installing gas.