Hot Water Cylinders

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Common problems with your domestic hot water cylinders

  • Water coming out of the pipe on your roof from your hot water cylinder? – Check to see if you have water coming out of the pipe sticking out of your roof. Some water coming out of this pipe occasionally is normal. However, it shouldn’t be running for long periods of time or continuously. If it is call Ross’s Plumbing as this is often a sign that a valve that helps control your hot water pressure is faulty.
  • Higher electricity bill than normal? If it is, this could be a sign of water leaking or a problem with your hot water cylinder. Ross’s Plumbing can help come and check this out, help identify the fault and fix it.
  • No hot water? The causes could be a thermostat, maybe a blown fuse, hot water overflowing on roof or an element
  • No water pressure? Pressure reducing valve possibly not working properly or faulty
  • Leaks? either in the pipe work or the cylinder itself, a leak from faulty valves

Ross’s Plumbing is able to deal with hot water cylinder installation and hot water cylinder maintenance for all of the above challenges you might be facing right now. It is important if you do have any leaks to turn the power off to the hot water cylinder at the switchboard to minimise power wastage. If you have a major leak it is recommended to turn the water off at your street meter. If your cylinder is making strange noises turn it off at the power switch or meter board and then us. If steam is coming out of your taps or vents, keep the tap running (ensuring no children are near the hot water), turn cylinder off and ring us.

Education Nugget

There are three types of electric hot water cylinder – low pressure, medium pressure and high (mains) pressure. Low pressure cylinders are normally made from copper.

Low pressure cylinders are normally what is called vented which means they are exposed to the atmosphere and you will normally see a copper pipe sticking out of your roof.

Medium pressure cylinders are a step up from low pressure giving stronger flow to showers and mixing taps. While it is not mains pressure it is a great alternative from low pressure without the cost of a full upgrade to mains pressure.     The cylinders are Vitreous Enamel lined cylinders which suits a greater range of water conditions. The valves around the cylinder are upgraded to enable stronger pressure.

Mains pressure cylinders are normally made from glass lined steel, however if your town supply pressure is not that great then a mains pressure cylinder won’t make a lot of difference. Often with a mains pressure cylinder, if more than one tap is running in the house there is very little change to the water temperature (don’t you just hate it in the shower when someone turns a tap on?).

Hot Water Cylinder Safety Tip #1

Protect yourself and your family from being scaled with hot water. Ross’s Plumbing can fit a temperature limiting valve to give you peace of mind and protect you and your loved ones from being scaled in case your thermostat fails.

Hot Water Cylinder Safety Tip #2

Get the temperature of your hot water checked. The temperature can be adjusted using the hot water cylinder thermostat to ensure it is at a safe temperature. Children can easily turn on the hot tap and not realise how hot the water can be, Ross’s Plumbing can make this safe for you and your family. The general rule of thumb is all cylinders should be set at 55 deg celsuis. Rest Homes, Day cares, health facilities have their own set standard.

What others are saying …

says: “Had problems with the hot water or lack there of in the shower called another plumber to fix but was in this happily let down. Rang Maureen Ross’s Plumbing on Thursday and arranged to fix on a Friday afternoon she made everything easy for me. Scott and Amir arrived on time and promptly started work after informing me would be need to be done they quickly snapped into action and fixed the problem, and in turn the fix also improved my hot water pressure which was an added bonus. Great people that really know there stuff and would be my first port of call with anything plumbing related and will definitely use there super service again”

says: Prompt and friendly service from a great plumber. Had a challenge with a very high power and Ross inspected all possible Hot Water issues and affirmed that the cause of the power useage was not related to the Hot Water.”