Team Bios


What can we say about Ross the Boss! The technical guy. His years of experience, matched with his warped sense of humour often has customers in laughter. And he has a way with the ladies (young and old) a lovely relaxed manner and speaks in layman’s terms so you easily understand your job and it’s requirements. Don’t ask him about fishing (always trying to get location of spot X) or golf, as you will get your ear chewed off with him talking about them


The Boss of Ross. The business lady – manages the overall business with her high values in customer service. From being in various sales roles in her life, to a learning and development consultant she has picked up a lot of customer service ethics. If she wasn’t bossing everyone about, she would rather be spending all her time either in the kitchen cooking or in her craft room making things.


Paddy is a Certifying gasfitter, plumber and drain layer.  He completed his apprenticeship in the N.Z. Army, and after joining the “real world” has gained a lot of extra knowledge and skills With his many years of experience and his kiwi ingenuity, there is very little he doesn’t know about drainage and plumbing.    Paddy is also our Project Manager for our larger renovations and work.
Paddy likes to socialise with like minded people in a good game of poker. While he doesn`t always win,he’s a committed player. (as long as there is a beer there while playing).


Cliff is a Certifying Plumber and experienced drain layer and has a lot of experience around new housing, drainage solutions and all general plumber.  Cliffy as we call him, has a very outgoing personality, always smiling and is the very proud dad of his 3 boys. A lot of his weekends are involved with sport with his boys and his lovely wife Diane.


Martin is our maintenance man.  Kiwi born, but spent about 20 year in the UK then back to New Zealand about 3 years ago.  Martin’s knowledge of local areas is second to none and he can get from Point A to Point B quicker than most of us. Martin can often been seen in and out of the office and in his van with his ‘Brew’.  We found him some british tea bags and that’s made him a very happy chap.   His dog ‘Bear’ keeps him busy when at home.


Hamish is our apprentice and is now in his 3 year with us.  He has a head down – bum up attitude and is very keen and eager to succeed in his qualification. Ross has started teaching him the old art of lead work as there are now very few plumbers carrying out this skill.  Hamster (as he is fondly called amongst the team) after hours focus is his ute (or truck or car) that he is building up himself.


Cindy was a customer first and foremost. Ross was doing a repair at her house and mentioned we were advertising for a part time accounts person. She is now not only a customer but an employee. Cindy is a godsend, accounts payable and receivables and the boys love her because she also does payroll as well as keeping tabs on them all and is also back up phones when others are busy. Having 2 school age children, Cindy is busy after school and weekends involved in their activities, and often goes bike riding in Whitford Forrest with them for relaxation.


Jeanette (or as she is often call Nets) joined us earlier this year in the role of operations.  She has her finger on everything that is going on – answers the phones, and schedules all the jobs and the boys whereabouts.   In this role you need to have several tasks on the go at once and she is very capable at doing this.  Nets comes from a plumbing family  (her dad has recently retired from being a plumber all his life, her uncle owned a plumbing supply shop) so she knows the industry well.