Team Bios


What can we say about Ross the Boss! ‘The technical guy’. His years of experience, matched with his warped sense of humour, often has customers in laughter. Ross also has a way with the ladies (young and old) and a lovely relaxed manner and speaks in layman’s terms so you easily understand your job and it’s requirements. Don’t ask him about fishing (he’s always trying to get location of Spot X) or golf, as you will get your ear chewed off with him talking about them!  With the restructure of operations, Ross will be focusing on key customer relationships


“The Boss of Ross” – The business lady, Maureen, manages the overall business with her high values in customer service. Finally Maureen is listening to her doctors’ advice and taking a bit of a step back and not working in the office as much.  Maureen works 2-3 days a week and some of that from home.  She is focusing more on the strategy of the business now that Jo and Ashika are in the operations area sorting out the customer jobs.   It also means she can finally spend some time on her hobbies instead of being a workaholic like she has been.


Ashika is our administrator and is the first point of contact for calls and emails.  She directs all the customer bookings and queries to the right people.   She knows the challenges of working in a husband-and-wife business and keeps Ross and Maureen on their toes.  Out of work hours Ashika spends a lot of time with her young daughter, Shania


Jo is our operations manager and comes to us from a building renovation company so is fully aware of trade industries and the challenges of scheduling, booking and satisfying the customer needs.  Jo has a very animated personality and our customers will have a great experiencing talking with her.


Paddy is a Certifying gasfitter, plumber and drain layer.  He completed his apprenticeship in the N.Z. Army, and after joining the “real world” has gained a lot of extra knowledge and skills. With his many years of experience and his kiwi ingenuity, there is very little he doesn’t know about drainage and plumbing. Paddy is also our Project Manager for our larger renovations and projects.
Paddy likes to socialise with like-minded people in a good game of poker. While he doesn’t always win, he’s a committed player (as long as there is a beer there while playing).


Martin – our Maintenance Man – is Kiwi born, spent about 20 years in the UK then returned to New Zealand about three years ago.  Martin’s knowledge of local areas is second to none and he can get from Point A to Point B quicker than most of us. Martin can often been seen in and out of the office and in his van with his ‘Brew’ – we found him some British tea bags and that’s made him a very happy chap! His dog ‘Bear’ keeps him busy when at home.


Hamish has only one more block course to go before his final exam to become a fully licensed plumber.   We have seen Hamish develop from a school leaver into a very capable and competent young man in both plumbing and gas fitting as well as a dab hand at drain laying. Over his time with us Hamish has constantly been working on his ute, upgrading and fine tuning it.


Pranal has been with us for 2 years now and is steadily widening his skill base.  Over the last year he has been working closely with Ross on a large project of re-piping in motel units and he is very efficient on re-piping work. He’s been saving his money and has now brought himself a motorbike.


Haden has joined us this year in his second year of apprenticeship.  Haden first did work experience with us when he was at College and decided plumbing was his career, went and worked with another company for a while, and then came to us.  He is keen and eager to develop his skills in plumbing and gas fitting.  When not working he’s keen on Motocross with his partner.